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12th Aug, 2017

Who knows where JCI could take you...!
by Fiona Morgan on August 12, 2017 18:28


So looking back on when I first joined JCI: I saw their advert in the local paper, I heard Junior Chamber International and I immediately thought- that sounds perfect, as a young business owner, I'd love to do networking with like-minded people. Looking back, I wouldn't say I was wrong but I definitely underestimated this organisation.

Blog » Charlotte networking.jpg Blog » Charlotte business tour.jpg

It's not just for young entrepreneurs, although it certainly helped me with my business, to be fair JCI did find me an accountant, a social media expert and a commercial solicitor - who are always helpful to know. But this organisation has provided me with lifelong friends from different backgrounds, experiences and fields, the link isn't profession, experience or contacts. I think the link has to be more personal, JCI gives active citizens the opportunities to create positive change. Whether that's to make yourself better, make your community better or meet more people around the world.

Another misconception I had was how small I thought JCI was. Could I have been more wrong! I have travelled to chambers around the UK and around the world. I have seen Turkey, Finland and Japan! I can never truly explain to someone else how remarkable a JCI international event is. You can have a week in a new place, meet people from around the world who you've never met before but they immediately feel like your friends, JCI provides a great connection and an immediate community you are part of.

Blog » Charlotte in Japan.jpg Blog » Charlotte in training session.jpg

I also never envisioned the difference I could make for my local community. I've always supported local charities where I can but I didn't think JCI would be an outlet for that passion. Through JCI though I have raised hundreds of pounds for the foodbank, volunteered at charity events including 'Not so strictly come dancing' and the 'Colour Run' and I seen and supported charities that are close to members hearts and heard more about them.

I've not even mentioned the amazing training courses I've been on, the public speaking opportunities I've had- and loved! The fun of annual dinners. The friends I've made and memories created.

Blog » Charlotte debating.jpg

You know my conclusion, I may have ended up in a different place to where I thought I was going... but it's so much better. I still can't believe I get all this for £10 per month. I look back over the memories and I'm so glad I took the plunge and tried out that first training session. My recommendation, if you haven't yet, I'd give it a try too, because even if it wasn't what you were expecting, I bet it will be better.

For more information about joining JCI Rotherham - click here.


Charlotte Scothern

2017 President - JCI Rotherham




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18th Jun, 2015

Meet the Member - Lewis Houghton
by Fiona Morgan on June 18, 2015 12:14


It's always great to hear from members about why they joined JCI and what JCI has done for them.  Today it's the turn of Lewis Houghton, JCI Rotherham's newest and keenest member.

How long have you been a JCI member?
Just about 5 months now

What made you join?
It was mainly the fact I am self employed and I was getting a bit isolated at home, I wanted to be able to be more social and meet more people mainly. The training and networking opportunities that JCI offer were a bonus.

Untitled folder » MTM-Lewis-1.jpg

What is the most interesting JCI event you've been to and why?
I would have to say the big safe at last quiz where we raised money for charity. I had never been to anything like that before and getting to see the mayor and people like Miss South Yorkshire and miss Rotherham (I didn't know those women existed)

Had JCI presented any unusual/interesting opportunities?
The main thing its given me is the chance to gain more confidence meeting new people and getting me out of my comfort zone I would have to say :)

What is your job/career/profession/business?
I'm a freelance illustrator and artist for children's books.

Has JCI had any impact on your job/career/profession/business?
Its offered me the chance to meet other people my own age who own their own businesses and get tips and general advice and support in helping me with my own goals and aspirations in business 

Who is a leader you admire?
I don't know if she counts as a leader but I think I would personally. Lady gaga has been a big inspiration to me. She's the one person I seemed to admire and connect with when she first came on the scene and I knew there was something special about her from the start. She helped me to question beliefs I had about myself and what I considered to be right and wrong. I admire all she has achieved since she has been in the public eye and I think she is a good role model for acceptance and self love, two things that I think are probably the most important things to have in life. I love the fact that no matter who you are and where you come from when you go to one of her gigs all judgement is thrown out the window and for that two or three hours that your inside the concert hall you feel safe, inspired and important.

What's your proudest achievement?
That would have to be finishing the first draft of a book I've had floating around and developing in my head for over two years. I find it hard to write and its never come naturally to me but I love stories and characters and being able to start and finish something like that was a big thing for me since I never thought I would be able to.

Untitled folder » MTM-Lewis-2.jpg

What's your dream car?
The pussy wagon from kill bill

What's you perfect weekend?
I guess my perfect weekend would be doing something fun with close friends, doesn't really matter what as long as we had a good time.

Tell us something crazy/dangerous/inspiring/unusual you have done
Well I've never been a super fit healthy type of person, in fact for most of my life I feel like I've struggled with fitness and health. Last year I started to get into running with my best friend and gradually over time we've come a long way and improved so much.  At the start of this one we managed to do a half marathon together, was so proud of myself that I ran the whole thing without stopping it just showed me how much we are capable of if we put our minds to something. We can change over time and become people we never could imagine ourselves as being in the past.

Thanks Lewis!



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10th Jun, 2015

Our Local President goes to Istanbul!
by Charlotte Scothern on June 10, 2015 08:47


Phew! Just got back from an amazing week at the JCI European Conference in Istanbul and I have had so much fun I can't stop smiling. If you ever think about going to an international event, don't question it. It is one the best experiences I've had in JCI. You get to meet members from other chambers, other countries and they are all so friendly and wanting to get to know you. There was wonderful socials, training, community work and business tours, just not enough time in the week to do it all. I was also lucky enough to represent JCI UK in the public speaking competitions and part of JCI UK debating team. It was a great chance to get to know JCI UK members better. So many memories and experiences I can't fit them into the blog, but one thing I would say, is if you can, get your place booked for Finland next year! 

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12th Jan, 2015

A social 2015!
by Charlotte Scothern on January 12, 2015 11:42


Looking at our calendar for 2015 and aren't we a social chamber! So many exciting activites planned, from our next installment of Come Dine with us, this time hosted by Fiona and JJ, we also have our stargazing social (which everyone sounds very excited about) and back by popular demand we are teaming up with JCI Sheffield to make a JCI team for the Quiz@last in support of Safe@last, this is just the start...

Don't forget our goal setting training and we are in talks with a very exciting venue for a business tour... more details to come to watch this space :)

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12th Jan, 2015

Welcome to 2015 from Charlotte
by Charlotte Scothern on January 12, 2015 11:39


Welcome to 2015!

I don’t know about you but I can’t believe 2014 has gone and made way for a whole new year, and if Junior Chamber Rotherham’s 2014 is anything to go by I have a challenge ahead of me to match such a great year. After collecting thousands of stamps, having great social events and making links with so many chambers, just to name a few of last year’s achievements.

So looking forward into the New Year, am I so excited for what lies ahead. The theme is ‘Try Something New’ so I invite you to test your boundaries, try something you never have done before, and invite others to take part in one of your favourite past times that you think might be something new for someone else. The start of the year will run with a New Years Resolution theme, what will be different in 2015 for you? Please come down and invite people to our Open Evening where we will explore how Junior Chamber can help you achieve your goals and then to follow up we have goal setting training to put those plans into action. We have so many exciting plans for the year including personal development and financial training, stargazing and more Come Dine with Us socials, charity collections and wheelbarrow races and so much more. We also have the European Convention in Turkey, the World Convention in Japan and the JCI UK Convention in Barnsley, so there is the chance to meet members locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.


2015 is looking great, so hope to see you at our open evening on the 14th January at 7pm at the Carlton Park Hotel to find out more about our plans and meet our members.

Your new president, Charlotte :) 

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22nd Aug, 2014

Challenge Collect - Rotherham Food Bank!
by Charlie Pearson on August 22, 2014 12:48


Banners » Web-Banner.jpg

During September and October JCI Rotherham will be collecting food for Rotherham food bank. It is the next stage in our ‘challenge collect' program aimed at getting JCI Rotherham members involved in the community.

So far this year we have collected 23,000 stamps for radio nightingale (target 2,000), 11 Easter eggs for JCI Barnsley's Hospital Easter appeal (target 10) and 100 sunglasses for JCI UK's shade aid appeal (target 20). All exceeding planned targets. With a target of 30 food items for the appeal I am sure we can reach our target and make a really difference to people in the town.

How the food bank work:
Food is donated: Schools, churches, businesses and individuals donate non-perishable, in-date food to the foodbank. All food given out by Rotherham foodbank is donated. ‘Supermarket Collections' are one of the main ways that food is donated: These are food drives held at supermarkets where volunteers give shoppers a ‘foodbank shopping list' and ask them to buy an extra item or two for local people in crisis.
Food is sorted and stored:Volunteers sort food to check that it's in date and pack it into boxes ready to be given to people in need.Frontline care professionals identify people in need. Care professionals such as doctors, health visitors, social workers, CAB and police identify people in crisis and issue them with a foodbank voucher.
Clients receive food: Foodbank clients bring their voucher to the foodbank centre where it can be redeemed for three days emergency food. Volunteers meet clients over a cup of tea and are able to signpost people to agencies able to solve the longer-term problem.

Events » Community projects » Tin.jpg

Tins like the above start from 13p and can mean the difference between someone being able to feed themselves or their children.

We will be collecting both food items and donations at all our events until 11th October. All our members will also accept food or donations if you see us out and about in the region or UK.

Good Luck and get collecting!


Charlie Pearson 

JCI Rotherham 2014 President 


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22nd Aug, 2014

Rotherham Day!
by Charlie Pearson on August 22, 2014 12:06


By the request of JCI members, the 2nd August, the day after Yorkshire Day, saw JCI Rotherham hosting ‘Rotherham Day'. A day showcasing just a few of the great things our town has to offer.
Rotherham has a wonderful array of businesses, unique historic buildings and activities for people to take part in, and during the day we sampled just a few of these.

The day began at the Chapel on the bridge, one of only 4 remaining in the country. Reverend Bliss gave us a brief history of the building, all the uses the building has had and it's unique positioning within the Parish and the Church. We then went down to the jail underneath, looking at the dark and damp conditions that prisoners would have had to cope with. In stark contrast we then went up the stunning Minster, we chatted with the ladies running with coffee morning who had make flapjack especially for us, and got to see the wonderful architecture of this grand building.

Events » Business events » Grow July 2.jpg

From an historic and architectural morning, we then moving onto sherbet making in the sweet shop, having a go at making our own sherbet, colouring and packaging it. Then the sweet shop kindly, thanks to the great British weather, let us move our Rotherham picnic to a more dry location. We stayed in the sweet shop to enjoy the local delicacies, we had cordials from the Temperance Bar, sandwiches from the Italian Deli and Cupcakes from the cake shop, a perfect snapshot of the yummy delights available in the town.

Events » Other 3.jpg


We then moved up to the recently renovated Clifton Park museum, had a wander around the display and even saw the information on JJ's ancestor. It was great to see the redeveloped museum, still with its number 1 resident, Nelson the Lion.
The day was finished off perfectly with a little spot of shopping in the town's boutiques and shops.

We hope everyone on the day enjoyed our day in our lovely town centre, and if you didn't get chance to join us, we hope we've inspired you to come and have a visit. 


Charlotte Scothern 

2014 JCI Rotherham Deptuy President 

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12th Aug, 2014

JCI Rotherham Come Dine With Us – Miele Delicatessen
by Charlie Pearson on August 12, 2014 07:49


Banners » Laugh2.jpg


The second of JCI Rotherham's “Come Dine With Us” events was held recently where members aim to impress with their choice of restaurant rather than their cooking ability. Following from the successful first event hosted by our deputy Charlotte at Elif Turkish restaurant, this time it was up to our business director, Tom to find somewhere to dine. Here is his blog:

Fantastico! Bellisimo! Two of the few Italian words I know but suitably apt for our event at Miele Deli. I knew I'd have to find somewhere particularly good after the tasty Turkish delights chosen by Charlotte, and I also wanted to find somewhere that really shows off our town.

Andrew and Franca only opened their Italian deli in April when a certain Mary Portas popped in for a few olives. Based in what many locals remember as a former department store on the High Street, Miele sells a range of authentic food and quality coffee. Having tried some of the meats and cheeses on offer over the past few months I was thankful that they agreed to open late especially for us.

We arranged to have a number of platters, sharing a selection of meats (salami, chorizo, garlic sausage, pate) and cheeses (continental cheddars, brie, dolcelatte) plus various stuffed vegetables, olives, salad and breads. Andrew and Franca were really helpful when making our choices and as we waited for the food we were able to browse the shelves full of wonderfully named pasta, imported sauces and authentic olive oils (I think some of our members will be having pasta for the next few months judging by how many packets they bought).

The platters were expertly presented and with the hot weather, the food was just perfect. If we weren't opposite Primark on Rotherham High Street you might have thought we were on a sun terrace on the Amalfi Coast or in a piazza in Rome. The price however was definitely Yorkshire, coming in at £12.95 for two sharing a platter and just 50p for canolli.


Events » Social events » 10389562_10152575293255928_7133570109379535420_n.jpg

Aah yes. Canolli. Sweet Italian pastries, deep fried or as “Lobster Tails” filled with chocolate, pistachio or vanilla. I can see why they are popular with The Sopranos.

It was another successful event, watch out for details of the next 'come dine with us' to be relasted very soon!

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3rd Aug, 2014

Rotherham Girl Wins Medals In Glasgow!
by Charlie Pearson on August 3, 2014 20:14


Ok, so don’t judge the hair, but this is me sat next to my oldest friend, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know Becki Turner. We lived next door to each other growing up, went to the same schools and were in the same form. We even sat next to each other. Towards the end of secondary school, she starting jetting off around the world for various swimming training camps and competitions. Although the wonderful locations around the world sounded lovely, the twice daily training sessions, especially the early morning mid-Winter ones definitely show the amazing dedication Becki has shown to her sport.

Blog » Community projects » photo 2.PNG copy.jpg

Becki has not only shown a fantastic commitment to swimming but also a great skill. Representing  Team GB at the London 2012 Olympic Games and Team England in the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, as well as many other competitions.  Where possible we have always, asa group of friends, tried to go along and offer our support and I have been fortunate enough to go to both the Olympics and Commonwealth Games and watch her compete. The most recent competition, the Glasgow Commonwealth Games was amazing, the atmosphere and the crowd were electric, the city was beautiful and so welcoming, but what made it into the most perfect visit was watching Becki compete and win her medal. Overall she has gained a Commonwealth Silver and Bronze from this competition for the 4 x 100m freestyle relay and 4 x 200m Freestyle relay respectively.  

Blog » Community projects » photo 1.PNG copy.jpg

Afterwatching the effort, commitment, sacrifices needed to succeed and compete in sport, I am awed by sports people and their achievements. I am so unbelievably proud of Becki and everything she has achieved, she has dedicated everything to swimming and still succeeds in other pursuits, currently working towards her degree. She works amazingly hard and is a truly wonderful, friendly, lovely person, I feel so lucky to know her and be her friend and I look forward to continue to watch her compete around the world. 

Charlotte Scothern 

JCi Rotherham Deputy President 2014 


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27th Jun, 2014

European Confrernce In Malta!
by Charlie Pearson on June 27, 2014 08:17



Ok so I know it was a few weeks ago now but I am still on a high from the European Conference! I have also just about caught up after having 10 days off. International events are an amazing experience and to go as representative from a chamber only months old was even better.

After having a few days off in the sun we finally arrived to conference opening day! I had been looking forward to this day since I went to European conference in Germany two years ago as JCI Barnsley’s Deputy President. Where those two years have gone I just don’t know. They have been the most amazing, stressful, tiring and energetic two years of my life. I was determined to make it to Malta and I am so glad I did.

Opening day we meet all the JCI UK delegation in the Londoner for a welcome cocktail then we all headed back to get Union Jacked up ready for the opening ceremony. In a very knightly way the Maltese gave us a true taste of the history of their island. We all then jumped and cheered as we welcomed all the JCI National President’s (and partners) onto the stage. You can imagine what kind of welcome Kate and Dan got! The best way to describe this is kind of like the Eurovision Song contest. With flags waving, people cheering and everyone in the best spirits. Followed by very warm welcome party. The temperature very rarely dropped below 20 the whole time we were there, including at night. With the days reaching 34 degrees in the shade so it was warm in more ways than one.

Events » International events » morning show.jpg

True to form JCI Rotherham members we on full force. Over the next few days Gemma and I took in all the best bits the conference had to offer. Over the three days we managed to fit in the following:

  • Morning show

  • Trade show

  • Visited and had tea the palace gardens (including Champaign!). Belonging to one of Malta’s top families.

  • Visited old cities

  • Had cocktails with friends from members of countries JCI UK are nationally twinned with.

  • Pool partied with JCI Turkey

  • Went on boat, train and bus trips

  • Pool partied with JCI Finland

  • Supported the debating

  • Attended training sessions

It was a busy three days! But that takes me to the gala dinner and awards ceremony! This was in the nicest venue I have ever seen a dinner held in and it was in the middle of a roundabout, odd but still.

Events » International events » bansi drinks.jpg

The awards ceremony was first and with JCI UK very much in the lead on the awards front it was a great night to celebrate. The awards entered into the European awards are the winners of the categories from our national awards held last November. Some of the main highlights for me where JCI Sheffield getting shortlisted for their project Rise (top 5) and JCI Barnsley getting short listed for the most outstanding chamber (top 3). I don’t want to put down any of the other winners or shortlists but these two had very special meaning for me. Fiona our membership director was very heavily involved with Rise in Sheffield last year and as I am sure all of you know I was the 2013 President of JCI Barnsley.

Events » International events » awards ceromony.jpg

Fiona and I joined forces to start JCI Rotherham at the beginning of the year and I just can’t think of a better start for us. I am so so proud of the members of Sheffield and even more so the members of Barnsley and the council team. Both chambers have been so supportive of JCI Rotherham and we really wouldn’t be where we are without their support. Both chambers are doing so well again this year that I know they will be on the screens at the awards in Turkey next year.

  Events » International events » rise.jpg  Events » International events » jci barnsley.jpg

I also want to say a massive well done to Southampton for both of their awards (most outstanding president and costa academy) and Mark form Sheffield for most outstanding new member.

With the awards over the night it was party and celebration time! One song over the whole week kept getting me and that was ‘wake me up when it’s all over, when I am wiser and I’m older’ Looking back over the last two years I feel like exactly that has happened. It has been incredible and we have an even more incredible 6 months ahead.

We are now also going to start looking forward at the future of JCI Rotherham and all preparing for when Charlotte, her fantastic energy and a the 2015 council team (don’t worry I will be a very hands off and supportive IPP I am going nowhere!) takes over in January. As that moment will symbolise the future that our amazing, energetic and ambitious little chamber! The work isn’t over this year yet by any means but as a new chamber this year we need to make sure we have the right foundations in place. I hope you will all help us plan and grow for our bright future, what do you think, JCI Rotherham on the European screens next year? 

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