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JCI Rotherham is committed to supporting the development of its members. Are you not fulfilled at work?  Do you feel that you are not getting all the training and development opportunities you would like? Missing a skill you could really need?  Members can attend our sessions to gain a range of skills that are all interchangeable and can be used in personal or professional environments. For members all training in run by JCI Rotherham are usually FREE!

Some of our local training sessions include:

  • Debating – Forming an argument, delivering a point effectively and replying to an argument.

  • Public Speaking - Speech writting, Speech delivery and off the cuff public speaking.

  • Team Building – Forum an effective team and be a positive part of a team.

  • Marketing Strategy – put together a Marketing plan for yourself when looking for work/new job or your business.

  • Planning – Create an effective plan.

The above are just a few of the events that have been held in Rotherham. We have many more planned throughout the year. Keep an eye on our events page for the most up to date info on the training sessions. Members are also welcome to attend any other JCI chambers training sessions for member prices.    

See photos from our training session HERE!

Members also have the opportunity to participate in JCI speaking competitions both at regional, national and perhaps even international level.  These include debating, public speaking and off the cuff speaking. These competitions can be a great way of putting the skills you have learnt into practice in a safe environment.