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Come Grow your business with us in 2016!

Learning about business in the area and what they do can be a great opportunity for employed or self-employed people. JCI Rotherham's business program isn't just aimed at business owners or full time networkers, it is aimed at all our members.

During the year we will be visiting many business in Rotherham to learn how they have made a success of their business and how they positively effect the community they serve.

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We have strong links with Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce, Holiday Inn Rotherham, Beatson Clark, Rotherham Biz, Patchwork Pig as well as other local businesses and we are constantly expanding our network.  JCI membership can:

  • Meet and network with other young professionals in an environment aimed at people aged 18 to 40. 

  • Visit loacl businesses on private tours and ask questions.

  • Learn skills to help in the work place.


JCI doesn't just focus on one part of who you are. We offer opportunities to Grow in every endeavour! To be the person YOU want to be.


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